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Plastering & Mortar Additives

For clay brickwork and plastering

UROPLAST PREMIUM is high quality powder additives concentrate formulated for better dispersing of Ordinary Portland Cement into plastering and brick laying cement mortar. The UROPLAST PREMIUM systems produces better quality work, save time therefore optimizes your labour cost.

For Plastering

- Increase bonding strength
- Excellent workability
- No accidental cost
- Minimizes shrinkage crack
- Easy handling


UROPLAST PREMIUM is a plasticizer to improve adhesion and workability properties of plastering and brick laying. It enhances the dispersion, pliability, adhesiveness and durability of normal Portland cement.


All surfaces must be structurally sound, clean, dry and free from movement, dust, oil, grease, wax and other contaminants.


1) Put in 25-30 Litre clean water.
2) Put in one bag of UROPLAST PREMIUM (100 gram).
3) Mix with 50-75kg cement.
4) Mix with ±250kg washed fine sand.
5) Mix for 5 minutes until a smooth, lump-free admixture is achieved.


Use only according to recommended dosage. Over dosage may cause retarding effect to cement mortar.

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Wash and clean the tools and bucket with water when the mortar is still wet.


This product is non-toxic. In cases of allergic and sensitive skin contact, flush and clean with water. If severe medical reaction happened please seek for professional help.

PACKAGING 100 Bag / Carton (100 gram / bag)
COLOUR White powder
SHELF LIFE 18 months
STORAGE Normal, dry conditions at ambient temperature. Store out of direct sunlight.
The information provided on this data sheet is not intended to be complete and is provided as general advice only. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the product is suitable for its intended purpose. As we have no control over the treatment of the product, the standard of surface preparation, or other factors, we are not responsible for any damages or injury, including but not limited to special or consequential damages which may result from the use of our products, which includes any damages or injury caused by any failure of performance. The information contained in this data sheet may be modified by us from time to time, without any notice arising from our continuous product development activities.

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